Spare Air – The Best User-Refillable Emergency Back Up Air Supply

Spare Air Emergency Back Up Scuba Tank 3.0Cubic

You wouldn’t skydive without a spare parachute, so why would you scuba dive without a spare cylinder? The Spare-Air 3000 Standard Kit is the answer for out-of-air scuba emergencies.

This is one of the smallest portable air sources available and is refillable from your own scuba tank. The Spare Air emergency air supply gives the peace of mind when there is no room for error.

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Which full face snorkel mask is the best in 2017? Compare the top sellers

SeaView 180° Full Face Snorkel Masks

Full face snorkel masks have come a long way to overcome many of the negatives aspects of snorkeling. New brands continue to enter the market, and prices and quality really does vary.

In Summer 2017, the most popular and best selling full face masks are the Tribord EasyBreath, the Seaview 180° full-face snorkel mask and the Ocean Reef Aria snorkel mask.

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Mares Puck Pro – Still a popular dive computer in 2017 for beginners

Mares Puck Pro Diving Computer

Following in the footsteps of the Mares Puck is the Mares Puck Pro dive computer. With 3 diving modes the Puck Pro has some original features in a slimmer wrist mounted design.

The Puck Pro comes in a variety of colours and is a great dive computer for both functionality and price. It’s aimed at both recreational divers as well as beginners. Continue reading

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