How amazon works globally

Amazon has a setup up so that it automatically directs all its customers to either the Amazon US store, or their closest international store.

This means that currently customers located in the following countries are directed to their nearest store: United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and Japan. Up until 1st July 2017, everyone else, including Australians, were directed to

what's changed since 1st july 2017?

Since 1st July, Amazon have blocked products being sent to Australians from its stores located outside of Australia. This is due to the Australian Government's request that all international companies now collect the Goods and Services Tax (GST) off their Australian customers.  

Before now, Australian's could purchase goods from any international store up to the value of $1000 AUD before having to pay tax.  

Australians can visit Amazon US and look at products, but you'll find as you get to the Checkout that you're blocked from completing a purchase.


As we know, Amazon set up its first distribution centre in Australia in December 2017, but they are yet to put in place the software which allows websites such as mine to to automatically direct anyone located in Australia to


Until this software is set up, the only way I can direct Australians to the products I review is manually through this page.

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