Here's our list of the best full face snorkel masks in 2018, and which ones you really need to avoid!

Full face snorkel masks have come a long way to overcoming many of the negatives aspects of snorkeling. New brands continue to enter the market, and prices and quality varies.

We've put together a list that covers the best quality brands, and which mask and snorkeling gear to buy if you need to stick to a tight budget. 



Which are the best full face snorkel masks in 2018?

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  1. Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask
  2. Wildhorn Outfitters SeaView 180° Full-Face Snorkel Mask
  3. Tribord Subea Easybreath Full Face Snorkel Mask
  4. Octobermoon 2nd Generation Snorkel Mask
  5. SeeReef Full Face Snorkel

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You'll also find information on how full face snorkel mask work, are these safe for children, and recommendations on other snorkeling gear including fins, and snorkel vests.

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What is a full face snorkel mask?

The first full face snorkel mask was developed by Tribord and released in 2014. Full face snorkel masks cover your whole face from forehead to chin. They have 2 separate sections inside the mask. The top section is for viewing, and the lower for breathing. They have a silicone skirt that runs around the edge of your face, creating a waterproof seal.

Full face snorkeling masks have wide elastized straps to hold them in place that are adjustable, and comfortable. 

Well made snorkel masks have virtually no fogging, and there's no mouthpiece. The snorkel is incorporated into the mask. These appear shorter than traditional snorkels, as the snorkel stops at the top of the head. They aren't any shorter than a traditional snorkel, it's just that the air is funneled internally through the snorkel to the lower section of the mask.

Full face snorkeling masks vs traditional snorkel masks

One of the main reasons people enjoy full face snorkel masks so much is because they allow you breathe through both the mouth and nose. This such a more natural way of breathing. 

Fogging and leaking are the biggest complaints with traditional snorkel masks. Sometimes, no matter what you try, you can't stop a conventional mask from fogging. With the new full face snorkel masks, the fogging is either eliminated completely or drastically reduced (depending on the brand).

Full face masks cover your entire face but are split into two separate chambers. The upper chamber is the viewing section. The second chamber covers both your mouth and nose and is connected to the snorkel piece. Fogging can be seen in the lower area, which is ok as it's separate from the viewing section. Air is drawn through the snorkel piece and circulated through this bottom section. 

Just like a traditional snorkel mask, full face masks leak if it's not the correct size for your face. This is the most important thing when choosing a mask. The size needs to be correct - and when buying online, the company you purchase from should have a good returns policy in case you need to swap it for a different size.

Should you buy a Full Face Snorkel Mask?

If you love leisurely snorkeling, then absolutely you should! Recent innovations in full face masks are a big improvement over conventional snorkel masks. The new designs make snorkeling an astonishing and unforgettable experience. These masks are comfortable and easy to use.

After the initial adjustment of the elastic straps, you'll quickly realize how much fun these are. There is no need to stop to empty out water, defog, or re-adjust the straps.

There is no jaw fatigue, no sore teeth and no gagging on a snorkel mouthpiece. There are some of the best reasons right there for making the switch!

Moustaches are just fine with full face snorkels, which is the complete opposite of regular masks. A regular mask will leak if the wearer has a moustache.

Helpful Tip: 

When choosing any full face mask, go for ones with a flat lens over ones with a curved lens. Curved lens tend to distort the view and can make people feel dizzy.

What stops water from getting in?

Full face masks have a dry top snorkel system. This is a ball float inside the snorkel piece. As the snorkel is submerged, the float rises up and won't let water into the mask. There are conventional snorkels with these incorporated into them, but the full face snorkel mask with its large viewing area and lack of a mouth piece takes snorkelling to a whole new level. 

How does a Dry Top Snorkel work? Can you breathe underwater?

Every time you go under water, the ball float rises and stops water from coming into the snorkel and into your mouth.

You can't breathe once the end of the snorkel is completely submerged. You need to take a breath and hold it as you go under. The Dry Top system means you don't need to blow water out of the snorkel when you come back up. You just breathe normally again once you're floating back on the surface. 

If water does enter the snorkel, it drains out through a valve located in the chin area, as soon as you raise this above water level. 

Can Children use full face snorkel masks?

Children love these masks so much more than traditional masks and snorkels. The video below shows how easy it is for kids to put on, adjust and use full face snorkel masks. Kids take to these so much quicker than traditional snorkels as they're able to breath naturally through their nose and mouth. There's no gagging on a snorkel mouth piece that's too large.

When selecting snorkel masks for kids, make sure you go with brands that have XS or S sizing. These brands should also have a good returns/exchange policy in case the size isn't quite right.

Looking for some more information on full face snorkel masks for children?

Click the image below to find out more information.

The top 3 Best quality Full Face Snorkel Masks

Without question, the best quality full face masks for 2018 are the Tribord EasyBreath, Wildhorn Outfitters Seaview 180° full-face snorkel mask, and the Ocean Reef Aria snorkel mask.

With each of these full face snorkel masks, you are buying a quality product that will give you many hours of enjoyment. These top brands are all good choices and close in price. There are slight differences between them. These are all made with quality silicone that gives more flexibility to create a comfortable seal on your face. 

They all have full manufacturer's warranties and outstanding reviews on Amazon. Always make sure you purchase from somewhere with a good Returns Policy so that it can easily be exchanged if the sizing is not quite right.

Have a look at our full reviews of quality brands and decide which one you want to go with. These really bring full pleasure back into snorkeling. Once you’ve tried snorkeling with a quality full face snorkel mask, you'll never go back to the old style mask and mouth piece again.

#1 - Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask

Ocean Reef are a great brand and their products are made with higher quality materials. Ocean Reef also makes full face Scuba diving masks so you know their snorkel mask is going to be exceptional. They also understand how important peripheral vision is when underwater. They use only clear silicone for the face chambers so that you miss none of the view.

Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask

Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask

Ocean Reef Aria comes in 4 sizes, including one especially for the kids. The Aria also has more options when it comes to accessories.

The Aria mask is the only full face mask that has an optical accessory for supporting eye glasses. Have a look at the video on the full review page for more information on how this works. 


#2 - Wildhorn Outfitters SeaView 180° Full-Face Snorkel Mask

Wildhorn Outfitters SeaView 180° Full Face Mask is both popular and great quality! The big advantage the SeaView 180° Snorkel Mask has over its closest competitors is that it comes complete with a camera mount. Camera mounts are often sold as an optional accessory with other full face masks in this price bracket.

Seaview 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

Seaview 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask - White / Blue

The camera mount is located high on the front of the mask making it ideal for taking video of your underwater adventures.

Wildhorn Outfitters Seaview 180° Snorkel Masks comes in 3 sizes, including an XS for children. They have also released a huge big range of new colors for 2018.

The Wildhorn Outfitters SeaView 180° Panoramic Snorkel Mask is the best selling full face snorkel mask on Amazon - for good reason!


#3 - Tribord Subea EasyBreath (New Version) Snorkel Mask

The Tribord Subea EasyBreath full face snorkel mask is very well designed and made with good quality materials. This is not a cheap version of an expensive brand. This is a great mask at a very good price.

Tribord Full Face Snorkel Mask 2017 New Version

Tribord Easybreath (Latest Version) Full Face Snorkel Mask

Tribord developed the first full face snorkel mask. When they released the Tribord EasyBreath full face mask, this became a game-changer for the world of snorkeling.

Tribord has improved on their original design and released a new version for 2017.

These masks come in 4 sizes making it easy to find the right one for all members of your family.

Which Full Face Snorkel Mask to buy on a Budget?

Not everyone's budget will stretch to a top quality full face snorkel mask. And that's ok. If you're on a budget, you can still enjoy the amazing benefits of the full face snorkel mask.

There are some well made mid-range full face snorkel masks available.  The most important thing is that you get the correct size for your face. The compromise may be that you buy last year's model of a quality brand.

Top 2 mid-range full face snorkel masks

Two stand out examples of a great compromise are the Octobermoon Full Face Snorkel Mask and the SeeReef Anti-Fog Full Face Snorkel Mask. These are online best sellers at the mid level price range. They have really good levels of customer satisfaction, and great reviews.

#4 - Octobermoon 2nd Generation Full Face Snorkel Mask

The new version Octobermoon 2nd Generation Snorkel Mask is the top selling full face mask in this price range. They have updated and improved on the earlier design of the lens which is now flat. Previously this was convex which distorted the view, and made a lot of people feel a bit woozy.

The new flat lens makes a big difference to the enjoyment of snorkeling with full face masks and brings this mask in to line with other quality top sellers. 

A minor drawback of the Octobermoon is that its straps are not as long as others.

Octobermoon Full Face Snorkel Mask Blue

Octobermoon full face masks come in 3 sizes, including one for children. They come with a camera mount. 

There have been comments made on minor fogging with this mask. Buy a $6.50 bottle of Jaws Quick Spit or Cressi brand Anti-fog Spray and you'll have a quality mask at a reasonable price that you will be happy with.

Helpful Tip: Make sure you're buying the 2nd Generation Octobermoon mask as this has a flat lens. The earlier masks have a rounded lens which can distort the view.

#5 - SeeReef Full Face Snorkel

SeeReef are developing quite a following since releasing their new full face masks with a flat mask area, and longer snorkel piece. SeeReef masks come in 2 sizes, which are suited to most men, women, and teens.

The SeeReef come in a choice of two colors, and with combo of 2 different sets of ear plugs to make sure they fit you perfectly, a handy travel bag and spare seals.

SeeReef Full Face Snorkel Mask Black

If you're thinking of going with the SeeReef mask, go for the white mask over the black one. 

Any mask with a solid color nose chamber section will cut down on your peripheral view.

Transparent silicone gives a far better view and reduces any feeling of claustrophobia that some people feel in a mask. 

SeeReef Full Face Snorkel Mask Pacific Blue

How to pick the correct size full face mask

It may sound basic, but make sure you get the right fit for your face. Full face snorkels will leak if you're not wearing the correct size. For adults, the width of your face as well as the size of your nose can play a big part in the level of comfort.

Sizes are not universal across different manufacturers. Size charts with measurements are available for all brands of snorkel masks so follow these as best you can. 

READ THIS before buying a full face snorkel mask!

No matter how good the brand, there’s just no getting around some things with full face snorkel masks.

Whether it’s a traditional mask or a full face snorkel mask, water will get in if there’s any hair between the skirt of the mask and your face. Beards create tiny spaces that will cause water to enter the mask.

These are not designed for Free Diving or spear fishing. There’s too great a volume of air inside the face cavity of the mask, and it quickly becomes uncomfortable when diving below 10 feet (3 meters).

Full face snorkel masks are designed for snorkeling in relatively calm water. As with a traditional mask and mouthpiece, if you lean your head too far forward, water will enter the snorkel. The float valve system only works when the snorkel is in a vertical position. Water may enter the snorkel when duck diving.

Snorkel tubes on full face masks are not wide enough to provide a swimmer with enough oxygen when swimming at an exercise pace. These are not designed for swimming laps in a pool. 

Full face snorkel masks are designed for leisurely surface snorkeling. They work wonderfully well when breathing calmly, but are not a good choice for swimmers while exercising. You will need to remove the mask when swimming longer distances to get to a new snorkel location. Heavy breathing/exercising is less effective in full face mask designs.

If you want something for swimming laps, or for more vigorous snorkeling, then have a look at the PowerBreather Snorkel range of snorkel masks. These are made for specially for swimming laps, or for swimming in choppy water. 

The reality of Quality full face snorkel masks

There are manufacturers who have spent countless hours and dollars developing their full face snorkel mask. These innovations have been game changers for snorkelers.

The best full face masks are made with quality materials. Innovation and quality comes with a price tag. Many of the most popular full face snorkel masks available online are direct rip-offs of good quality brands. Often the materials used are not as good, and the masks don't work as they're meant to. 

The good news is that even the best quality full face masks are becoming cheaper as new versions are released. It's easy to snap up a bargain if you're happy to go with last years model. 

What about really low priced full face snorkels?

Just like traditional snorkel masks, many of the cheaper brands come with their drawbacks.

A lot of lower priced brands won't last as long as a quality, branded full face mask. If the material is poor quality, the fit of the silicone (or plastic) skirt that creates the seal with your face won't be as good. This will cause leaking, fogging and frustration. 

Less flexible material means you need to adjust the straps so they are super tight just to create a seal that equals a quality mask with a softer silicone skirt. This puts extra pressure on your forehead, cheeks and the bridge of your nose, making it very uncomfortable to wear.

Another common problem with some of the cheaper masks is that the ball-float can get stuck in the snorkel piece causing the airflow to stop.

There are also cheap versions using the words Easybreath, or 180 seaview or panoramic in their branding in an attempt to cash-in on the better known brands. These are all imported from China and made with inferior quality materials. Most of these are not made well and will fog, leak and fall apart. 

If you dig a bit deeper into their reviews, you'll find complaints on how the cheap full face mask don't live up to expectations.

Which full face snorkel masks to avoid?

When choosing any full face mask, go for ones with a flat viewing section. Full face masks with a curved viewing area distort the view and sometimes make people feel dizzy. You'll notice ALL of the expensive, quality brands have a flat viewing section.

Two full face snorkel masks in particular to AVOID are the Azorro and the Neopine. Forget the misleading 4 and 5 Star reviews on Amazon. These masks are made of very poor quality materials, and will cause nothing but disappointment. They are not recommended at all.

If you're unsure of any cheap snorkel mask, go to the Amazon star ratings and click on the 1-Star ratings. This will show you all the 1-star reviews. Many knock-off snorkel masks made in China are very poor quality. This is where a bargain is NOT a bargain. Camera mounts are not well made, snorkel tubes break when you're trying to detach, and the mask joins are so poorly made that they leak in places they just shouldn't.

Masks with solid colored silicone nose and mouth chambers will cut down on your view. Go for ones with clear or near clear silicone.

Other Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling Vests

Not a confident swimmer but want to enjoy snorkeling?

If you're not a strong swimmer, then there are snorkeling vests available to give you that extra peace of mind. These will really help increase and control your buoyancy. Even good swimmers benefit from snorkel vests, taking the hard work out of snorkeling in choppy water.

Snorkeling vests come in two styles - vests with a front and back, and a horse-shoe style which has ties to hold it in place. Snorkel vests are not life preservers. Life preservers are designed to keep your head up and out of the water. Snorkel vest allow you to lower your head into the water and are specifically designed to help you manage your buoyancy in the water. They are inflated and deflated by the wearer via a tube on the chest area. 

#1 - ScubaPro Snorkel Vest

Ranked number 1 is the ScubaPro snorkel vest. This is a quality product that offers a nice sense of security.

ScubaPro Snorkeling Vest Yellow
Snorkel Vest Yellow Back

It covers both the front and back of the swimmer giving extra sun protection. 

These are easy to inflate, and deflate and are very comfortable to wear. 

#2 - SealBuddy Snorkel Vest

Next best is the SealBuddy Snorkel vest. These are also very easy to inflate and deflate, and come in a range of colors in adult and children's sizes. These have a tie around the back to keep them in place. 

SealBuddy Inflatable Snorkel Vest Orange
SealBuddy Inflatable Snorkel Vest Pink
SealBuddy Inflatable Snorkel Vest Yellow

Snorkeling Booties / Socks and Snorkel Fins

#1 - Seavenger Premium 3mm Neoprene Bootie Socks

Seavenger Premium 3mm Neoprene Water Fin Bootie Socks
Seavenger Premium 3mm Neoprene Water Fin Bootie Sock Pink

Not only can you match your booties to your fins, but you'll avoid cutting your feet on coral or rocks with these Seavenger Premium 3mm neoprene booties. These are 4-way stretchable neoprene for great fit. They have a dotted silkscreen sole to provide some traction to avoid slipping on slimy rock surfaces. These also have glued blind-stitched seams for extra strength, comfort and durability.

#2 - Fun Toes Snorkeling Socks

Fun Toes are 2.5mm thick neoprene socks that will not only cut down on the chafing caused from fins, boards and water skis, but they'll also keep your feet warm!. The water socks have grip soles to help stop slipping.

Fun Toes 2.5mm Neoprene bootie socks for snorkeling

These snorkel socks have extra thick soles to give added protection on the soles of your feet with reinforced stitching.

They come in a set of 2 pairs and will protect your feet against sharp rocks or coral even when you're not wearing snorkel fins.

#3 - L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes

L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes Barefoot Skin Shoes for Run Dive Surf Swim Beach Yoga
L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes

L-RUN specialize in multi-functional barefoot water and fitness shoes. These have an anti-skid, ultra-lightweight and breathable outer sole, and are made with quick-drying vamps fabric. 

Wildhorn Outfitters Topside Snorkel Fins

Wildhorn Outfitters Topside Snorkel Fins and Full Face Snorkel Mask

#1 - Wildhorn Outfitters Snorkel Fins/Socks

Wildhorn Outfitters not only produce quality products, they also have excellent customer service. 

Wildhorn Outfitters Topside Snorkel Fins Yellow

Their topside fins are something different from the ordinary. These are both a shoe or bootie and a fin. The neoprene bootie has some stretch allowing for a little flexibility in sizing.

These fit like a shoe and have a closed-in toe which will help prevent cramping and hypertension in your foot. Each fin has an adjustable Velcro strap around the ankle to provide further support.

#2 - Cressi Palau Short Snorkeling Swim Fins

Cressi Palau Short Snorkeling Fins Yellow

The Cressi Palau Short Fin is an adjustable fin great for using in the pool or at the beach. It has a soft short blade and foot pocket with a good heel strap making it easy to release or adjust when needed but won't slip or loosen as you swim. These are short enough to fit in carry-on or regular luggage without taking up too much room.

These can be worn barefoot or over thin booties and come in 4 sizes and each size will adjust to fit  3 to 4 consecutive sizes taking the stress out of ordering online.

The Cressi Palau Short Fins come in 6 colors.

Favorite Lap & Swimming Snorkel

PowerBreather Snorkels - 5 Models to choose from

PowerBreather Sports Snorkel

If you're not quite convinced yet that a full face snorkel is the way to go, then have a look at the PowerBreather Snorkel

These are great for swimming laps, or snorkeling in choppy waters. These come in 5 different models to suit different swimming environments. The PowerBreather Beach Set comes with a Cressi face mask. Click the button below to find out more information on these snorkels.

Favorite Traditional Snorkeling Mask Sets

Cressi Adults Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set

Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorekl Set

Cressi have been making quality masks, fins and other snorkeling and diving gear for a long time. This set includes a set of Cressi Palau Short Fins, a traditional style two window face mask with a silicone skirt edge that adapts to fit most faces.

The set also includes a curved snorkel with a Dry Top similar to the full face mask snorkels - it has an anti-splash end with a valve that seals the tube as you dive. A mesh carry bag is included.

Cressi Kids Rocks Mask Fin & Snorkel Set

Cressi Kids Rocks Snorkel Fins Mask Set White-Orange

The Cressi Junior Kids Rocks Snorkel Set comes in two sizes and is designed for kids aged 6 to around 14.

The set includes a set of fins, a traditional style two window face mask with a silicone skirt edge thats designed for narrower faces. 

The set also includes a curved Dry Top snorkel which is similar to the full face mask snorkels - it has a splash guard on the end with a valve that seals the snorkel as you go under water. A mesh carry bag is included.

 The snorkel is designed to go on left side of face so that it can be attached to the mask strap by a snorkel keeper clip.

Cressi Rocks Kids Mask Snorkel Fin Set Blue-Yellow
Cressi Rocks Kids Snorkel Mask Fins set - Purple Pink

The fins are composite duel vented blades to provide excellent power and save energy while swimming. They have an open-heel with soft and comfortable foot pockets with easy to adjust buckles.

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My husband and I have them. Absolutely love them! My husband still has a little leaking just like he does with a regular mask because of his beard. When it does leak you just lift your head and it drains out the bottom, but mine doesn’t leak at all and it’s not tight at all. Don’t regret the purchase at all and I can’t see ever using a regular snorkel again. We have the tribord brand.

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Octobermoon Original “Second Generation” 180°view Panoramic full face Snorkel Mask.

Amazing product and design! I highly recommend this product! My wife and I are thrilled with our purchase. The comfort and ease of use are incredible! The clarity is remarkable. I will never go back to a regular snorkel set again.

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