Gift Ideas for Watch Lovers

Whether looking for something for yourself or the perfect gift for someone else, hopefully you'll find some great ideas here.

Included in our gift range are some of the most popular watch winders for automatic watches, and watch cases are always winners.


Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder

Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder

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Neck Ties for Men 

Novelty Watch Neck Tie for Men
Neck Ties for Men - Watch Lovers

This is a high quality hand woven tie. The fabric is made from a 1200 needle count which is higher grade than the usual 960 needle count. This tie also includes premium branded tie-lining. 

It measures approximately 2.36 inches (or 6 cm) at its widest point and 56.3 inches (or 143 cm) in length.

It comes with a 5 year refund or replace warranty. 

Novelty Apparel for Men and Women

Just One More Watch I Promise Apparel - T-shirt
Just One More Watch I Promise Apparel - Womens V-Neck T-shirt

Watch Holders and Cases

Songmics - 12 Slot Watch Box & Jewelry Organizer

SONGMICS Lockable Watch and Jewelry Box - Blue Case with 12 Pillows UJWB012Z

The Songmics Watch Box and Jewelry organizer is made of black faux leather and soft gray velvet, with a glass lid.

Each of the 12 watch slots have removable velvet pillows. It also has a ring case, 2 stud earring cards, and 5 compartments for necklaces, bracelets, tie clips, cuff links, earrings, or pocket knives. 

The 12-watch size box measures 12-3/4" x 7-5/8" x 5-1/8" (or 32.5 x 19.5 x 13cm high).

Songmics Watch Boxes are perfect for watches 42mm and smaller. Larger watches can be kept next to each other if you stagger the cases at the top of the slot with the next one on the bottom of the slot. 

Solid Wood 6 Slot Watch Box Organizer by Case Elegance

Solid Wood Watch Box Organizer with Glass Display Top by Case Elegance

If you're looking for simple elegance with a glass lid and a case made of solid wood, then this watch box by Case Elegance may be what you're looking for. 

Each box has a branded soft felt bottom to help prevent any scratching of furniture.

This also has magnets embedded in the lid to keep the watch box closed.

Glenor Co - Luxury 12 Slot Watch Box

Glenor Co Watch Box for Men - 12 Slot

The metal plate, the carbon fiber design, and the smooth faux leather cushions are all sophisticated, neat and classy. The box measures 15 inches x 9.4 inches x 3.9 inches and will easily fit larger watches. 

Glenor Co Watch Box 12 Slot
Glenor Co Watch Box for Men - 12 Slot

Hawk & Gable - Elegant 12 Slot Watch Box with Lock

 12 Slot Watch Box Organizer with Lock

With 12 deep wide slots, the Hawk & Gable Mens Watch Organizer is built to store, protect, and display even the bulkiest of watches.

This watch holder organizer can hold your luxury watches as well as bracelets, chains, necklaces, tie clips, cuff links, ties and other accessories. 

It comes with metal hinges and a high clearance glass display top. Inside is felt lined with plush velvet, and an anti-rust and durable lock.

Hawk and Gable Watch Organizer
 12 Slot Watch Box Organizer with Lock

Mirage Watch Roll Case

Watch Travel Case Roll

This Watch Case is great for keeping watch collections organized at home or while traveling. Thanks to it's flat-ish base, it won't roll like other cases do.

It's made of PU Leather and velvet. PU Leather is faux leather, which helps keep its price down. It has a real leather feel to it.

The case width is 9.5 inches and each cushion is 2.2 inches wide. Each slot will accommodate watches up to around 55mm across and up to 15 mm in thickness.

The case's pillows will accommodate men's and women's watches from 5.5 inches to 7.5 inches in wrist size.

Mirage Watch Travel Case Roll
Mirage Watch Travel Case

Watch Winders

Automatic watches are kept wound by the movement of your arm. If you have a range of automatic watches or only wear your watch on special occasions, a watch winder will keep it wound and showing accurate time when it's not in use. 

Watch winders mimic the movement of the wrist by moving the watch around to keep it wound. These are especially useful for anyone with more than one automatic watch. These are also great for anyone with a watch with high complication such as a perpetual calendar, as these are more complicated and take a fair bit of effort to reset if it stops running. 

Note - Watch winders are not compatible with Seiko Kinetic watches because the watch mechanism is not the same as a traditional automatic movement watch.

Click the button below to see the range of top selling watch winders on Amazon, or keep scrolling to see some of my favorite picks.  

Versa Automatic Watch Winders

Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder

Versa Watch Winders use Japanese Mabuchi motors with custom designed gear boxes to reduce their noise level. Each part is precisely designed and tooled by machine and then hand assembled for exact fit and finish. All watch winders are designed and modified in the USA. This design will not cause harm to automatic watches due to magnetization.

The Versa Watch Winder has 4 Turns Per Day (TPD) settings (350-650-850-1050) and 3 direction settings for clockwise, counter clockwise, and bi-directional. There are 12 different setting combinations.

The watch winder turns for approximately 5 minutes, then rests for a period of time which varies depending on its setting. The cycle repeats while the watch winder is on. It's programmed not to turn continuously as this will cause your watch to be over-wound.

Each Versa watch winder comes with a power adapter (100-240V), an instruction manual and a 1 Year Warranty. The spring action watch pillows hold large watches, and come with additional attachments included.

Versa Watch Winders are the Best Sellers on Amazon.

WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder with Cover

WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder with Cover
WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder with Cover

If you want a high-end quality watch winder, then it's hard to go past WOLF. Through their patented technology WOLF winders count and record the number of rotations while in use. Other winders only estimate the number of rotations.

Other features of WOLF watch winders include silent nylon gears, rotation programs, and a lock-in cuff designed to handle bigger, heavier watches. They are pre-programmed to 900 turns per day (TPD) and have 3 directional settings: Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise and Bi-directional.

WOLF winders are designed to have cycles of rest between its winding cycles. This ensures the proper amount of tension is placed on the main spring of the watch. All watch cycles take approximately 6 hours of winding and rest, and then will go into a 18 hour sleep phase before returning back to the winding cycles.

The unit is ultra quiet and has battery or power option, with a universal power adapter included. It has good quality faux leather and satin lining.

WOLF offer a 2 year world-wide Manufacturer's warranty on all of their watch winders. 

Watch Winder Smith - Double Automatic Watch Winder

Watch Winder Smith - Watch Winder for Automatic Watches

This stunning looking Watch Winder is made with a 100% Natural bamboo housing and a brushed metal frame. The metal frame and inside motor wall are made from diamagnetic material which provides better protection to prevent watches from magnetizing.

It has 4 Stage Setting Modes control with different RPD(Rotation Per Day) options. This unit is ultra quiet and has battery or power option.

Watch Winder Smith has a 2 year world-wide Manufacturer's warranty on all of their watch winders. 

Jins&Vico - 8 Watch Capacity Automatic Watch Winder

Jins&Vico Watch Winder for 8 watches

The winder is powered by a very quiet, heavy duty Japanese movement, and features a beautiful high gloss wooden finish of the case. It provides the ultimate control over charging your automatic collection of watches.

There are houses for 8 watches in individual slots, and each one can be charged with a personalized program. There is multiple programming options for each individual automatic watch.

The Built-in LED light illumination and digital display, means your watches are beautifully displayed, even in the dark.

Programming is done through an LCD Touch Screen Display and LED lighting. The touch screen control allows you to set each winder to the desired settings for your watch.  The Turn Per Day (TPD) & Rotation settings are flexible. 

There are 3 rotation modes: Clockwise Mode/ Counter-Clockwise Mode/Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Mode.

Jins&Vico Watch Winder for 8 watches

The Jins & Vico watch winder comes in two finishes and fits most watches. It has adjustable and flexible watch pillows for a variety of watch band sizes. 

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