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Shark Shield Freedom7 Shark Repellent – Proven to deter Great Whites

Shark Shield Shark RepellentFreedom 7 Ocean Guardian Shark RepellentThe Freedom7 shark repellent is lightweight and designed to be worn on your ankle. Ocean Guardian have developed their shark repellents using their government-approved patented Shark Shield technology.These are powerful shark repellents and proven to deter sting rays and most sharks, including Great Whites. In this review, we […]

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2018 New Sharkbanz 2 vs Sharkbanz Shark Repellent Review

New Sharkbanz 2 Shark Repellent BandWe all know that sharks are incredible hunters. Swimmers, scuba divers, spear fishermen and snorkelers have been using various shark repellents for decades. In this review, we look at why and how magnetic shark repellent bracelets such as Sharkbanz work, and their effectiveness against different sharks and other sea creatures. Continue […]

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Gorilla Tough Duct Tape – Super Strong Duct Tape on Steroids!

Best Duct Tape – Gorilla Tape ReviewPerfect for camping and hiking holidays or just around the house, Gorilla Duct Tape is one of the best heavy duty duct tapes you can get.  In this review, we look at why Gorilla Tape takes duct tape to a new level. The list of its uses is virtually endless.Continue […]

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