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PowerBreather Snorkel – Laps & snorkeling will never be the same!

AMEO PowerBreather Lap Snorkel

Swimming laps will never be the same again with the PowerBreather range of snorkels

If you're after a swimming snorkel for the pool, The AMEO PowerBreather snorkel lets you swim or snorkel long distances without having to turn your head to breathe fresh air. It's great for recreational swimmers, triathletes, para-athletes, and general snorkeling.

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The 5 best full face snorkel masks reviewed & which to avoid in 2018

Wildhorn Outfitters Topside Snorkel Fins

Here's our list of the best full face snorkel masks in 2018, and which ones you really need to avoid!

Full face snorkel masks have come a long way to overcoming many of the negatives aspects of snorkeling. New brands continue to enter the market, and prices and quality varies.

We've put together a list that covers the best quality brands, and which mask and snorkling gear to buy if you need to stick to a tight budget. 


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2018 Tribord Subea Easybreath Full Face Mask Latest Review

Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkel Mask vs Seaview Full Face Mask

Tribord Subea full face snorkel masks

Once you try a full face snorkel mask, you never go back to a regular mask and mouth piece. Each year as new design improvements are made, full face snorkel masks just keep getting better.

There are a quite a few full-face masks available on the market and the prices, quality and accessories vary.

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Full Face Snorkel Masks – How to pick the correct size

Full Face Snorkel Mask Sizing

How to pick the correct size  

Full Face snorkel mask   

Just like clothing brands, different full face snorkel masks have different sizes as their standard. Masks are sized as XS, S, S/M, M/L, and XL.

It's not until you take a closer look at individual sizing charts, that you'll see small variations in general sizes.

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Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask – 2018 New Sizes & Colors

Ocean Reef Aria full face snorkel mask in water

The Ocean Reef Aria snorkel mask is one of the best currently available. 

Many people enjoy the leisurely pace of snorkeling but are put off for various reasons. Full face snorkel masks have come a long way in recent years to overcoming most of the negatives. One of the latest innovations in snorkeling is the full face snorkel mask. These have been around since 2014 but are still fairly new to most people. There are many brands entering the market and the prices and quality really does vary.

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