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If you are a blogger and think you have something fabulous to share here, send me an email about your idea to: support {at}

I don’t offer payment for posts. Guest posts are only offered to other bloggers and handmade small business owners, not freelance writers for SEO businesses or companies.

I'm more than happy to publish well written and in-depth content on subjects that benefits my readers. The subject matter must fit the theme of this website.  I like to think of Guest Posts as a give-and-take, 2-way relationship so I do have some guidelines that I ask you to follow.

Following these guidelines will make the post more valuable for both us.

Guest Post Guidelines

This is our recipe for success!

  • Attention to detail, always!
  • The word count must be AT LEAST 1200 words, shorter texts will not be published.
  • The content must be valuable to the readers. This means that it must be detailed and coherent with the theme of this site. Start with a catchy introduction and use subheadings, and include bullet lists when appropriate for enhanced readability.
  • The content must be unique. It cannot have been published anywhere else on the internet, including your own site or blog. I use Copyscape to check this.
  • Please proof read and spell-check your content. I reserve the right to edit content before I publish them, particularly for spelling and grammatical errors. If there are a lot of errors, I may send it back to you to edit again before I publish.
  • I can include a Bio at the bottom of your post with a link back to your blog. Your bio should be around 40 words, and 1 or 2 links with anchor text of your choice is allowed. These links will be dofollow, and can lead to only to a blog or site you own. Affiliate links are NOT allowed.
  • The post must contain 2 or more links to authoritative, high quality and relevant sites. These links should benefit the readers.
  • Once the post is published, the rights to the content in the post is owned by Watch Yourselves and I retain full copyright on all material published on my site.
  • I will promote the post on the social media I am using at the time. It would be great if you could share the post to your communities as well
  • I'm sure that anyone who leaves a good comment would love to hear your answers as well as me, so I ask that anytime someone comments on the post you have written, you also respond to the comment.

How to Submit your Guest Post to me


  • Send your pitch as a PDF to support {at} If I like it, I'll ask you to share it as a Google doc if possible.
  • Please understand and don't be upset if I do some minor editing to the content if I believe it will create greater clarity.
  • All images you'd like to have included must be your own, or from a Free Image site such as Images can be sent either as attachments or by providing a URL to the image.
  • Please email me at support {at} if you have any further questions. 

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Sharon Swanson

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