Marathon WW194006 USMC GSAR – Designed for Extreme Conditions 2017

Military Divers

The Marathon WW194006 USMC is a high quality, purpose built military watch. This is designed for use on Search and Rescue (SAR) missions by divers and is issued to the United States Marine Corps.

This watch is commonly known as the Marathon GSAR (Government Search and Rescue) military watch.

The WW194006 GSAR Diver’s Automatic is swiss made and built from 316L surgical grade stainless steel. This watch is certified to ISO 6425 standards and is designed to withstand extreme conditions.

It’s water resistant to 30 ATM (300 meters or 1000 feet) making these rugged watches ideal for scuba diving, and any other outdoor activity or water sport you want to throw at it.

These divers watches are made to the highest level of quality and accuracy in manufacturing, in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. 

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What’s the Marathon WW194006’s dimensions and overall look? 

Both the dial and the second hand sweep on the Marathon Divers GSAR are easy to read at a glance. As with all military style watches, the face of this watch is matte black, The Marathon has an anti-reflective sapphire glass crystal cover. This is the most expensive and durable crystal which also makes the dial easy to read even in direct sunlight or when under water.

In keeping with most military style watches, the Marathon WW194006 Automatic has a 24-hour format. It has large easy-to-read 1-12 numbers with smaller 13-24 numbers on the inner dial.

The WW194006 GSAR has a date of the month display situated between the 4’ o’clock and the 5 o’clock position.

The brushed stainless steel case is round in shape and is 41mm across. When including the bezel, the diameter is 42mm. The thickness is 14mm. If you’re used to bigger watches, then take a look at the Marathon WW194021 which is very similar, although slightly larger at 47mm across the face.

The back of the case is screw-in, and has the NSN Nato Stock Number 6645-21-558-0133 engraved on it.


How ISO 6425 impacts the Bezel and Crown

In order to comply with ISO 6425 certification, this automatic diving watch has a screw-down crown and a unidirectional bezel. The bezel turns anti-clockwise only and can be used to measure elapsed time spent under water.

The bezel has a distinct click as it’s turned and will be slightly harder to turn when under water. This is a standard safety feature so that it doesn’t move accidentally if bumped while submerged. 

The Bezel triangle has photo-luminescent MaraGlo paint for viewing in low light conditions.


Swiss Automatic Movement and Accuracy

The Marathon WW194006 GSAR Military watch uses an ETA 2824-A2 Automatic movement. The movement is a mechanical movement which is accurate to within a couple of seconds a day.

There’s no need for winding or batteries. It will automatically self-wind by the normal motion of the wearer’s wrist. 

This movement is not an uncommon movement, but it is more expensive than most. This movement is also used in watches made by Tag Heuer, IWC, Hamilton, Breitling, Longines, and others.

This is a very accurate and reliable time keeping piece and runs within the standards that are acceptable for automatic movements. It will run to within  +/- 30 seconds per day. If you need more accuracy, then have a look at the less expensive quartz version. It is the same watch but with a more accurate quartz movement. Click here to have a look at the Marathon WW194027 on Amazon. This watch is around half the price of the Marathon WW194006.

Automatic watches can take a few weeks to settle in before they hit their stride. Make sure you give this watch a few weeks to settle after purchasing. The wait is well worth it. This is a very robust watch that will give you many years of good service. 


Are watches that use Tritium as illumination safe?

Marathon Military Lume

The Marathon Military GSAR uses self illuminating Tritium to provide a glow on the hour markers and hands of this watch.

The Tritium gas is sealed in tubes. Each tube contains an isotope of hydrogen that has a life expectancy of up to 25 years. A gas tube is placed on each marker and on the hands making it easy to read the time at all hours of the night, as well as in all light conditions.

This type of illumination is known as Gaseous Tritium Light Source (or GTLS). Tritium illumination in watches is not considered dangerous at all. Even in the unlikely event that the watch was dropped resulting in a vial being broken, the vial contains only a very small amount of gas which would quickly disperse into the atmosphere.

Tritium is an excellent light source that will glow brightly in low light conditions. It doesn’t need an external light source to create its glow.


A Scuba Rubber Band or Stainless Steel Bracelet?

As is traditional with most divers watches, the band of the Marathon WW194006 comes with a black rubber bad and a buckle clasp. Rubber is very suitable for diving, but many owners like to dress it up with a stainless steel bracelet. Swapping over the band is quite simple if you’d prefer a stainless steel bracelet. The lug width is 20mm.

Marathon Military WW194006 GSAR



Video | Introducing Marathon – Genuine Military Diving Watches

This is a MUST WATCH video if you’re serious about Military Watches. Any questions you have about Marathon Military watches should be covered here.


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Warranty and Maintenance

These are very robust watches but to Military specs. They come with a 12 month warranty.

Once the warranty period has lapsed, look for a reliable watchmaker or jeweller to do an after-warranty clean and adjustment for you. This would only need to be done every 3 to 5 years, depending on the environment it’s exposed to.


Marathon WW194006 – What’s the Conclusion?

Marathon make exceptionally durable and dependable watches. The WW194006 Divers 300m Automatic is manufactured in accordance with US Government Military specifications, and built like a tank.

Although this watch falls into the class of a military divers watch, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the military or just spend a lot of time outdoors. If you need a watch you can depend on, a military watch is the best choice.

It’s a true military divers watch that’s certified to ISO 6425 and rated to 300 meters in depth. This is a tough workhorse of a watch, that really catches the eye.

The Marathon GSAR Diver’s 300m Automatic combines military toughness with Swiss craftsmanship that will get the job done, and look great doing it.

If you work in law enforcement, the military, or a profession where you can’t be looking at your cell phone to see the time, then this is the watch for you!

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Hi, What a great detailed review. I’ve been looking for a tough weather proof watch as a gift. I especially appreciate your explanation of tritium, and how it makes the watch face visible in the absence of external light. It’s a great feature, but nice to know that it’s safe, and really useful too. Thank you.

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