Camping with your motorcycle in 2019? Instant pop-up tents keep it quick!

Ever thought about an instant pop-up tent for you and your motorbike?

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Many would argue that hiking brings you closer to nature than any other form of exploration but hiking is tiresome and slow, and you will need several days if not months to cover a significant distance.

We'd like to argue that one of the best ways to explore the countryside and enjoy the magnificent views along the way, is with a motorcycle. 

These machines traverse the earth very quickly and as such, you will be able to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. Motorbikes are also quite flexible when it comes to the surface that they move on and this means you can easily change course mid journey and explore other areas on your path.


This article will help you with what to look for when choosing for your motorcycle, and help you find the best instant pop up tent for your outdoor adventures.

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When traveling by motorcycle, it is important that you find a suitable shelter for your bike.

Leaving your bike out in the open would expose it to the elements and this may interfere with its functionality.

How to choose the best pop up tent for your motorcycle

Traveling by motorcycle is the best ways to enjoy the scenery as you will be able to cover a lot of ground quickly and wander off course to enjoy the beautiful views deep in the countryside. However, if you are planning on spending several nights outdoors and need to find a way to shelter your bike, a great option is a pop up tent for motorcycles.

It is more convenient than finding a hotel and having them provide shelter for your bike since your exploration journey will probably take you far away from civilization and you may struggle to find a hotel for your accommodation needs. Hotels also cost money and if you plan on spending several nights traveling in the wild, your hotel accommodation costs may rise through the roof.

Other than saving you the cost of hotel accommodation, getting a tent for your bike has a lot of benefits such as:

Protecting you and the bike from the elements

Rain, hail, and snow are some of the outdoor elements that you and your motorcycle needs protection from and a pop up tent will provide you with just that. There is the allure of sleeping under the stars and enjoying the outdoor breeze but these elements can get you sick and aren't good for your bike. Bugs and other creatures will also attack you if you spend the night out in the open and a tent for a motorcycle will make sure that you are protected from them as well.

Keeping your other equipment safe

You probably have other equipment that you are traveling with and a pop up tent with all its compartments will make sure that you have a safe place to store them.

An instant pop up tent, though not the strongest structure, will make sure that your motorbike is away from prying eyes and this will go a long way in making sure that the bike is always safe and secure.

Things to consider when choosing a Pop-up Tent for your motorcycle

When choosing a pop up tent for your motorcycle, there are a few things that you must consider if you are to end up with the best shelter for your bike. Let’s review some of the things that are important when buying a tent for your bike.

Here are some of the things that you have to look at when picking a good tent for your motorcycle.

The overall size of the tent

This is one of the most important things that you have to consider when choosing a tent shelter for your motorcycle. You should only get a pop up tent that is large enough to accommodate you, the bike and all your gear. A large tent will make sure that you are properly covered and protected from the elements. There are tents that can accommodate up to 4 people but you should be
aware that a large tent is often difficult to carry around and this could bring about other complications as you are traveling.

How much does the tent weigh?

The weight of the tent is another thing that you should consider when choosing a motorcycle pop up tent for your outdoor adventures. You don’t want a tent that is too heavy to make carrying it around very difficult. The weight of the tent is influenced by its size and the material used to create it. A tent that can be host a lot of people will be heavy to carry around as will one that has
been made of bulky and heavy-duty material.

What material is used to make the tent

When choosing a pop up tent for your traveling adventures, you should carefully scrutinize the material that has been used to make the tent so as to end up with the best tent. I’m sure you don’t want the temperatures to get too high when you are in the
tent. For this reason that you should get a tent with a breathable fabric for added ventilation. The fabric should also be tough and resilient so as to withstand the outdoor elements as well as the creatures of the night. This will ensure that you and your bike are safe and protected within the tent.

The ease of setting up & taking down

This is another thing that can be an important factor when considering a pop up tent for your bike. You will probably be tired from traveling and the last thing that you would want is to be spending a lot of time and effort setting up your tent. This is why you should always get a tent that is quick and easy to set up. This means you'll be unwinding at the end of a long day sooner. 

The Conclusion?

Traveling by motorcycle is the best way to traverse the country and this article will help you find the best instant tent for your motorbike. Hopefully this article has helped you understand what you should be looking out for when buying instant pop-up tents.

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