Mares Puck Pro – A popular entry level dive computer in 2017 for beginners

Mares Puck Pro Diving Computer

Following in the footsteps of the Mares Puck is the Mares Puck Pro dive computer. With 3 diving modes the Puck Pro has some original features in a slimmer wrist mounted design.

The Puck Pro comes in a variety of colours and is a great dive computer for both functionality and price. It’s aimed at both recreational divers as well as beginners. Continue reading

Looking for Top Rated Scuba Books for 2017? Here’s our List of the Best

Top Rated Books 2017 | Scuba | Freediving | Spear Fishing

Looking for some history or tips from professionals?

We’ve put together a list of the top rated books on scuba diving, free diving and spearfishing. Some of the topics covered include scuba history, diver safety and insider tips, freediving techniques, deep water diving, wreck and cave diving, and spearfishing techniques.

All of the books below are rated 4 stars and above by Amazon customers. 

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2017 Shearwater Perdix AI – With or without Transmitter – Still the BEST

Shearwater Perdix AI diving computer for technical and recreational scuba divers

There’s no doubt that the Shearwater Research Perdix AI dive computer is on many scuba diver’s wish list. Yes, these cost more than your entry or mid-range dive computer, but don’t be put off by this. This is a real investment in a great piece of equipment and this particular piece of equipment is going to last you many, many years.

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