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We have reviews on the best scuba computers for those into diving, and full snorkel mask reviews for those into snorkeling. Full face snorkel masks are becoming very popular and you're going to see more and more of these on the beach and in holiday destinations. Learn what you need to be aware of before buying a full face snorkel mask so you avoid disappointment.

Divers watches, GPS watches and Military watches are all favorites of active people on the go. Here you'll find watch reviews on the most popular brands of real diving and military watches. 

Personal airbag vests and jackets are becoming popular with both Equestrian riders and motorbike riders. Find out more about how these work, will they go off accidentally, and whether they're worth investing in. 

Some popular accessories include a magnetic shark repellent, and good quality lightweight camping / hiking equipment. There's also accessories for both divers and snorkelers to keep you safe and visible to passing water craft while in the water.