Learn to Scuba Dive in 2017 – Get PADI Open Waters Certified in Australia

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is a great place to get PADI Open Water certified

Mention Australia and images of wide open spaces, seemingly endless, empty sun kissed beaches, Hugh Jackman, and wildlife that’s determined to kill you, is what generally comes to mind.

If you’re thinking of getting your Scuba Open Waters Diver (OWD) certificate, why not make a holiday of it and take advantage of the warm tropical waters of Northern Australia.

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Scuba Gear Maintenance – How to clean and care for your Scuba gear correctly

Scuba Fins

You’ve already spent a small fortune on your scuba equipment, so why wouldn’t you spend the time to clean and maintain your gear properly?

Cleaning your gear correctly will keep it reliable and in good condition for years to come.

Regular care and maintenance also reduces the likelihood of equipment failure that could lead to an emergency situation underwater.

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Seiko Men’s SKX007K Automatic – The most affordable Divers Watch in 2017?

Seiko SKX007K2

Divers watches are often sought after for their style rather than whether or not they’re water resistant. There are many ‘diver’s watches’ on the market that are simply not built for scuba diving.

Seiko has always punched well above its weight in terms of looks and value. The Seiko Men’s SKX007 is an affordable divers watch suitable for recreational scuba diving, as well as water activities in general. 

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2017 Cressi Leonardo – An Affordable Entry Level Dive Computer

Cressi Leonardo Yellow and Black dive computer

The Cressi brand has a long history of providing quality products for water sports enthusiasts. Cressi is a good brand. They have high standards when it comes to safety, performance and reliability.

The Cressi Leonardo is a sleek looking dive computer with a durable design. The Leonardo diving computer is a great choice for entry level and recreational divers. 

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