Recent innovations in full face snorkel masks have been a big game changer in the world of snorkeling. Many people find snorkeling fun, but others have problems and quickly become frustrated with sore jaws or masks that leak or fog.

I know a lot of people who find the snorkel tube incredibly uncomfortable in their mouth. Full face snorkeling masks have overcome a lot of these negatives so that more people are finding they really enjoy this leisure sport.

New designs mean there is generally no fogging of the glass, and no more jaw fatigue. Moustaches aren't a problem with the full face mask. As long as you follow the Size Guide of individual brands, you shouldn't have a problem with leaking.

Unfortunately though, not all snorkel masks are created equally. There are knock-offs on the market that give the good brands a bad name. We review the popular snorkel masks, and snorkel safety/buoyancy vests, and suggest which ones you should avoid. Some of the lower priced full face masks are good, but many will leak and fall apart very soon after you start using them. 

Click on the image below to read detailed reviews on popular snorkeling gear, how to choose the right size full face mask, as well as which ones are good for children. If you intend to swim laps with a snorkel, then make sure you check out the PowerBreather snorkel review below.

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