Seiko Men’s SKX007K Automatic – The most affordable Divers Watch in 2017?

Seiko SKX007K2

Divers watches are often sought after for their style rather than whether or not they’re water resistant. There are many ‘diver’s watches’ on the market that are simply not built for scuba diving.

Seiko has always punched well above its weight in terms of looks and value. The Seiko Men’s SKX007 is an affordable divers watch suitable for recreational scuba diving, as well as water activities in general. 

Many people ask, are Seiko watches any good? The reason behind the question is probably because it’s hard to believe you can find a quality divers watch in this price range. There’s no doubt Seiko make quality watches for a price that fits everyone’s budget.

The Seiko SKX007K is a very well built automatic watch. The Seiko SKX007 is certified to ISO 6425 which is the standard used for diving watches. It has the classic sporty look of a divers watch and is water resistant to 660 feet (200 meters or 20 ATM). This is a functional watch that works well in all weather types.

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Seiko SKX007K2

Seiko SKX007K2 – Image Source


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What’s in the box?

The watch case is stainless steel and extremely well made. It measures 42 mm across with a thickness of 13 mm. It weighs 7.04 ounces.

The SKX007 Divers 200 comes with two different band types. The SKX007K has a black rubber band with a stainless steel buckle clasp. The SKX007K2 comes with a stainless steel band and a fold over clasp.

The lugs of the Seiko SKX007 are 22mm apart making it easy to personalize this watch with a different band type.


Classic Seiko Watch Face and Luminescence



There’s a beautiful depth to the watch face.  The SKX007K has the classic Seiko look with a large dial and no numbers on the watch face, only big circular markers. There’s good contrast between the black background and white markers making it easy to read. The markings are large enough to be easily read underwater, even in poor visibility.

This diving watch has a day and date calendar in the 3 o’clock position. The watch face covering is non-reflective Hardlex Crystal which is shock-resistant and as hard as nails. Hardlex crystal is less scratch resistant than sapphire crystal, but much more hard wearing that mineral crystal.

Seiko lume is legendary and unique in its performance. Seiko use Lumi Brite luminescence paint which is completely free of radiation and safe for the environment and for people. After only a brief exposure to sunlight or artificial light (anything more than 500 lux), the SKX007 dive watch will glow at full brightness around 10 minutes. It will continue to glow for up to 5 hours in the dark which is more than 10 times longer than other luminous paints. The hands and dial markers are generously coated and the lume is evenly distributed to the very edge of each marker.


What movement does the SKX007K Automatic use? 

Seiko 7s26 Movement

Seiko 7s26 Automatic Movement

The Seiko SKX007K is simplicity at its finest.

The SKX007K doesn’t need a battery and you never have to wind it. It has a Japanese 7s26 automatic movement inside. The 7s26 movement is one of the most popular for Seiko. The motion of your arm moving will keep the main spring constantly wound. It will stop working if you don’t wear it for around 40 to 48 hours, but doesn’t take much to get it going again.


What does ISO-6425 mean for the Bezel and Crown?

Having ISO 6425 certification means this watch must adhere to safety standards that apply to all diving watches. 

The Bezel

Safety features include a rotating stainless steel bezel which shows up to 60 minutes of elapsed time. This will time your decompression stops without any problems. The Bezel has a notched outer edge and is unidirectional. It can only be rotated counter-clockwise. There’s a ratchet mechanism so you can hear audible clicks when rotated for precise measurement. Each click represents half a minute.

It has a distinct zero marker that indicates the zero starting point, and minute markings and number markings in ten minute increments.

Also for safety reasons, rotating the bezel while underwater is intentionally more difficult. This is to prevent it from being rotated accidentally.

The Crown

The Crown is located at the 4 o’clock position, and is for setting only. This diver’s watch can’t be hand-wound.

Always make sure the crown is screwed fully down to prevent moisture from entering the movement area. Don’t turn or pull out the crown when the watch is wet, and never put underwater when the crown is pulled out.

The crown should be turned from time to time to prevent corrosion and maintain the flexibility of the gasket.



How to care for your SKX007 after swimming 

To make a watch water resistant, gaskets are combined with a sealant to make a watertight seal. Exposure to chlorinated pools, the sea and soap from showering can cause the gaskets to become dry and brittle. After every swim or dive, make sure you rinse the watch in fresh water. Always check that the Crown is screwed in completely before rinsing. After rinsing, thoroughly dry the watch to prevent possible rust of the case.

Although the Seiko SKX007 is water resistant and great for recreational scuba diving and water activities, it should be taken off while taking a bath or sauna. Steam, hot water and soap will deteriorate its water resistance.


Tips on how to keep the rubber strap in good condition for longer

The rubber band of the SKX007K is 22 cm wide and can feel stiff when new but it will soften with use. Don’t over expose the band to the sun or chemicals such as sun-block or mosquito repellent as these will not only reduce the life of the rubber, but they can also cause discoloration.

Always rinse in fresh water after swimming in salt water or a chlorinated pool. A regular clean of the band with a mild detergent and a soft brush such as a toothbrush will help extend the life of the strap.

Also, a very light application of a rubber protector such as a silicone lubricant will keep the rubber pliable. The best place to buy the correct grade of silicone is from a dive shop. You need a food grade silicone which is sold in small quantities. You’ll only need a small amount, and a little goes a long way. Apply the silicone to the cleaned rubber and rub it in with your fingertips. Don’t ever apply silicone to a dirty band as this will only trap the contaminants in the seal.

The softer and dryer the rubber band, the longer it will last.


Ways to avoid buying a fake SKX007K online

Although it’s not as common as with more expensive brands, but unfortunately the Seiko SKX007 and the Seiko SKX009 are both heavily counterfeited.

Be careful of grey market or used watches. Although buying grey market products isn’t illegal, it does have its risks.

The easiest way to avoid buying a good replica online is to only buy from verified sellers. Every watch produced by Seiko comes in original packing and include a certificate and warranty. If testing reveals problems, returns are easier if bought from reputable dealers such as Amazon. Always check the return policy before buying, and that the product you are purchasing comes with a warranty.

Seiko SKX007K2

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What about the Warranty and General Maintenance?

When buying through an authorized distributor such as Amazon, the SKX007K comes with a 2 year warranty. Provided that the watch is used as directed in the instruction manual, the warranty covers any defects on the watch case, the internal movement mechanisms, crown and crystal. The serial number imprinted on the casing must be clear with no part of the watch back or original serial number removed or altered. The warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear or misuse. 

Seiko recommends servicing the diving watch around every 3 years by an authorized dealer or service center. Technical specialists will inspect and replace any parts that may have worn out over time. They can also clean, re-oil it and check the water resistance. The crown, case and crystal seal will be checked to make sure they remain intact. Servicing your SKX007 every 3 years will ensure it continues to function with precision and provide reliable service over a long period.

To prevent the case or bracelet becoming discolored, be careful not to expose the watch to strong detergents, solvents, adhesives, mercury, paints or cosmetic spray.


Magnetism and the SKX007 Automatic Watch

It’s important not to leave your divers watch near strong magnetic objects for long periods.

Magnetism will adversely affect the SKX007 causing either a gain or loss in time. Magnetic objects can include televisions, PC speakers, cell phones, electric razors, hair-dryers and magnetic necklaces. Watches affected by magnetism can remain charged even after being removed from the source and may need to be sent to an authorized Seiko Service Center to be demagnetized.


Below is a video showing the Seiko SKX007 with 8 different styles of bands. This really shows how it looks with different band types.


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What’s Our Conclusion?

Time To Choose! The Seiko Men’s SKX007 Automatic Divers 200m is one of the best affordable dive watch. It has the classic and desirable diver watch look and is an excellent diving watch that can also be worn on any occasion.

This watch is for anyone looking for a watch with the classic divers watch look that is good quality, strong and uncluttered.

There are lots of cheaply made, bad quality ‘divers watches’ in this price range. The SKX007K is a true divers watch. It’s great value and one of the best dive watches available in this price range.

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Carl - September 20, 2016 Reply

This is a great looking watch, it has the classic divers look to it. It is a solid timepiece that won’t let you down. Great review for a great watch.

George - September 20, 2016 Reply

I agree that this is a great looking watch. I would wear this all the time, not just as a divers watch. I love that it’s an Automatic and doesn’t require a battery or winding to keep it running. Thanks for the great review!

Jackie - September 21, 2016 Reply

I have been hunting for a gift for my husband’s birthday which is coming up, and I think you have just solved my problem. I can see him wearing this when he is both diving and sailing. I love that it doesn’t have to be wound up to keep it going. Thanks

Dawn - October 27, 2016 Reply

Your point about sticking with an authorized seller is very valid – not something you want to get caught out on. It’s great to know Amazon is an authorized seller too!

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