Seiko Divers Automatic SKX009 with Pepsi Blue Bezel Review

Seiko SKX009 - The divers watch well known for its Pepsi look

The Seiko SXK009 is ISO 6425 certified making it great for recreational Scuba diving and other water activities. The SKX009 is a very distinctive-looking men's divers watch at an affordable price.

Quite a few watches claim to be divers watches, but they simply aren't suitable to use for Scuba diving or other water sports. In this review, we're looking at the features of the SXK009 and comparing it to the SKX007. We also look at the lume, the movement, and what ISO 6425 certification means for this watch.


Seiko SKX009 Divers Automatic 200 M Pepsi

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What’s in the box?


One of the stand-out features of the SKX009K is its very distinctive dark blue watch face, with a red and blue bezel.

Lug Width

The lugs of the Seiko SKX009K measure 22 mm across. This is a common lug width so it's easy to customize with your choice of watch band.

Wrist Strap

The SKX009K comes with a black rubber band and a buckle clasp. The SKX009 K2 has a 5-link stainless steel band with a fold-over clasp and safety closure.

Case Material & Dimensions

It has a very solid and well-made case. The case is stainless steel case and measures 42 mm across with a thickness of 13 mm. It weighs 7.04 ounces so this is a watch that you can easily wear every day. 

Face Material

The watch face covering is non-reflective Hardlex Crystal which is shock-resistant but it will still shatter if impacted very hard. Hardlex crystal is less scratch resistant than sapphire crystal but more hard-wearing than mineral crystal.  

How much does the Seiko SKX009 cost?

This is an affordable diver watch. There is nothing else in this price point that matches Seiko in terms of value for money. It sells on Amazon for between $200 and $300 depending on whether you go for the rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet.

If you want something with a few extra features, then have a look at the Seiko Prospex PADI range. 

Seiko Prospex PADI Range

When Seiko partnered up with PADI to help support the Project AWARE Foundation, Seiko created their PADI range of divers watches.

If you're looking for the same Pepsi blue and red look as the SKX009, then a step up from the SKX's is the Seiko Prospex Padi range. These are well worth it if your budget can stretch a bit further.

One valued feature that the Prospex range has that the SKX009 doesn't, is a hacking-seconds feature. This halts the mechanism to allow for a more accurate time setting. This feature is a must for any watch enthusiast with a strong passion for accurate timekeeping.

The Seiko PADI's range in price from around the mid $200's through to just under $1000. Click here if you'd like to see our recommendations for the best in the Seiko Prospex range for under $600.

What does ISO-6425 certified mean for the SXK009?

Seiko SKX009 Divers Automatic

Many watches are labeled as a divers watch but for many, this is more about the look of the watch, rather than if it's suitable for diving.

To make sure it adheres to ISO 6425 certification, the SKX009 watch must meet safety standards that apply to all diving watches. This watch is water resistant to 200 meters, so it can be used when Scuba Diving. 

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The Bezel

The red and blue colored bezel is unilateral, meaning it only turns one way. This is notched and made of stainless steel. This has a ratchet mechanism and you'll hear audible clicks as it's turned. 

It shows up to 60 minutes of elapsed time. Each click represents half a minute giving you a precise measurement as it's rotated. The zero marker clearly shows the zero starting point and it has the classic minute markings, with ten-minute markings shown as numbers.

As part of the ISO-6425 safety precautions, the bezel becomes harder to rotate underwater to minimize the chance of it moving accidentally if knocked.

The Crown

As the watch has an automatic movement, it can't be hand-wound. The Crown is for setting the time only and is located at the 4 o’clock position. Being in this position means it doesn't dig into your arm as much as a Crown located at the 3 o'clock position would. 

The Crown must be fully screwed in to stop moisture from entering the movement area. Don’t pull the Crown out when the watch is wet, and never pull the Crown out when it's underwater.

To help prevent corrosion, give the Crown a turn from time to time. This also helps maintain the flexibility of the gasket.

Classic Seiko Luminescence

The performance of Seiko's luminescence is unique and legendary. Seiko uses a luminescence paint called Lume Brite which is free of radiation making it safe for humans and the environment.

In classic Seiko style, this watch face has no numbers. It has large circular markers. The dial markers and watch hands are coated with lume making it easy to read, even in poor visibility. Lume is evenly distributed to the very edge of each marker.

The SKX009 dive watch glows at full brightness for around 10 minutes after brief exposure to sunlight or artificial light (anything brighter than 500 lums). It glows for up to 5 hours in the dark.  This is 10 times longer than other luminous paints.

The contrast between the blue background and white markers makes it easy to read underwater, and in poor visibility.

Which movement does the SKX009K Automatic use? 

Seiko SKX movement

The Seiko SKX009K is simplicity at its finest. The SKX009K doesn’t need a battery and you never have to wind it

It has a Japanese 7s26 automatic movement. The 7s26 movement is one of the most popular for Seiko. The motion of your arm moving will keep the mainspring constantly wound.

It will stop working if you don’t wear it for around 40 to 48 hours but it doesn’t take much to get it going again.

Looking after the rubber strap of Seiko watches

The rubber strap can feel a little stiff when new but it will soften over time. 

Be careful when applying sunscreen or mosquito repellent on your arm as these will reduce the life of the rubber and can cause discoloration to the strap.

Always give the watch a quick rinse in fresh water after swimming in salt water or a chlorinated pool. Gentle cleaning of the band with a mild detergent and a soft brush such as a toothbrush will help extend the life of the strap.

very light application of a rubber protector such as a silicone lubricant will keep the rubber pliable. You can buy the correct grade of silicone from a Dive Shop. It's important to use a food-grade silicone that is sold in small quantities. A small amount goes a long way. Apply the silicone to the rubber and rub it with your fingertips. Don't apply silicone to a dirty band as this traps any dirt particles in the silicone seal. 

The softer and dryer the rubber band, the longer it will last.

To prevent the case or bracelet from becoming discolored, don't expose the watch to strong detergents, solvents, adhesives, mercury, paints, or cosmetic spray.

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Luminox Sea Collection

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Personalize the strap to match your style!

The Seiko SKX009 has 22mm lugs. This makes it easy to personalize with a different bracelet type as there are many different band types and brands to choose from in this size.

Switch between Nato, Perlon, suede, leather, rubber, or stainless steel to suit your personal style or the occasion.

Seiko SKX009 with leather band
Seiko SKX009 with nato band
Seiko SKX009 with nato band

Magnetism and the SKX009 Automatic Watch

It's important not to leave this watch near strong magnetic objects for long periods of time. Magnetic objects include televisions, PC speakers, cell phones, electric razors, hair-dryers and magnetic necklaces. 

Magnetism will adversely affect the SKX009 and cause either a gain or loss in time. Watches affected by magnetism can remain charged even after being removed from the source. They may need to be sent to an Authorized Seiko Service Center to be demagnetized.

There's something a bit special about the Seiko SKX series

I found the comment below when sifting through YouTube videos to find something worth sharing. This comment did make me smile. 

Seiko is iconic and affordable

Ways to avoid purchasing a fake SKX009K

Although not as common as more expensive brands, unfortunately, many Seiko watches are counterfeited. Be careful when buying on the grey market or used watches. Although grey market products aren't illegal, it does come with risks.

The best way to avoid purchasing a good replica is to only buy from verified sellers. Every watch produced by Seiko comes in original packing and includes a warranty. If testing reveals problems, returns are easier if bought from reputable dealers. 

Always check the return policy before buying, and that the watch comes with a Warranty.

What about the Warranty and Servicing?

The SKX009K comes with a 2-year warranty when bought through an authorized distributor.

As long as the watch is used as directed in the instruction manual, the warranty covers any defects in the watch case, the internal movement mechanisms, the crown, and the crystal display.

Every Seiko has a serial number imprinted on the casing which must be clear with no part removed or altered. As with most warranties, normal wear and tear or misuse is not covered.

Seiko Watch Service

Your Seiko SKX009 needs to be serviced every 3 years. This ensures it continues to function with precision and provides reliable service over a longer period. 

During a service, technical specialists should check and replace any parts that may have started to become worn. They should also clean it, re-oil it, and check its water resistance. The crown, case, and crystal seal should also be checked.

Seiko recommends it be serviced by a Seiko authorized dealer or service center.

What are the differences between the SKX007 and the SKX009?

The Seiko SKX007 and SXK009K are almost identical in their fundamentals. The Seiko SKX009 has all the same features of the Seiko SXK007.  Both are the same diameter and come with either a stainless steel bracelet or rubber strap. They have the same movement which I explain in more detail a bit further below.

The SKX009 has a splash of color that really pops. As I mentioned earlier, the SKX009 has very distinctive red and blue coloring on its bezel and has a dark blue watch face. The Seiko SKX007 has a black bezel and black face.

Seiko SKX009 Divers Automatic 200 M Pepsi

Seiko SKX009K

Seiko SKX007K2

Seiko SKX007K2

Seiko SKX009 Divers Automatic Mens Watch

My Verdict?

The Seiko SKX009 Automatic Divers 200m is a true diver watch with a stand-out Pepsi look. This watch is for anyone looking for an affordable, eye-catching diver's watch.

The SKX009K and SKX009K2 would have to be one of the best quality diver watches in this price bracket.

Seiko SKX009 with leather band
Seiko SKX009 Divers Automatic 200 M Pepsi
Seiko SRPA21 PADI Turtle

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  • Hi I really enjoyed this review. I just wanted to point out that the K watches are not “fake”. They’re just distributed to the European Market. They made K1 & K2 whereas Asian Distribution was J1 & J2. The fake K watches are seen as not very good but it’s just a rumour made by some reviewers on YouTube.
    Call or ask any Seiko Shop if you don’t believe me.
    Love your reviews!

    • Thanks, this is very useful to know. I appreciate you sharing this info as people do become concerned that they’re getting a fake, when in fact they’re not. These are great watches for this price range. Thanks again.

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